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10 Years
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25 Years

Sam Smith

Assistant Golf Pro

(555) 555-5555

Splurn Golf Club

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San Diego



(555) 555-5555

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I am a PGA professional working at Fanstasy Golf Club as a teaching professional.
You can book lessons three ways.

1. Via my online booking page.
2. Contact me personally with the phone number listed.
3. Contact Fantasy Golf Club and book.

Golf is very much a feel sport.
My aim is for my students to not only understand the fundamentals of a solid golf swing but to actually develop a feel for what your body is doing.
This will enable you to develop as a golfer and become a better golfer.



Please take a look at my rates below. If you require further information please contact me either through email which is below or by telephone. Thanks

30 Minute Lesson
60 Minute Lesson
9 Hole Playing Lesson
18 Hole Playing Lesson



Placing the ball back in your stance minimizes the tendency to scoop or lift the ball. It also helps you strike the ball on a descending angle, helping you make solid contact. - See more at:
After you pick a line, don't give yourself the chance to second-guess it when you're standing over the ball. I match up the line on my ball with the start line of my putt (above), then set up with the putter face perpendicular to that line. I set my grip and get my stance square to the line on the ball, not to the hole.
Under pressure, the tendency is to freeze over the ball and put a death grip on the club. To combat this, keep some motion in your fingers and feet (right inset). Waggle the club back and forth. If you lock up, your nerves will get you.


Do I Supply Equipment
Yes. I have a limited selection but I have something for everyone.
How Long Are Gift Vouchers Valid For?
Any gift vouchers purchased are valid for one year
Are Balls Included In The Price?
Unfortunately ball are not included. You will need to purchase balls on the day of the lesson.

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Thanks for viewing my profile. If you need any further help please send me an email below and I will reply as soon as I can. Thanks.